Signed in Blood
Bold Venture Press

Reviewed by Allen Jaffee

NEW: Produced for Black Cat Media by BOLD VENTURE PRESS: Twisted “soulful” tales of terror and humor about those who seek fame, fortune and power the easy way -- but at the greatest expense.
~~~ SIGNED IN BLOOD ~~~ Stories collected by Rick Leider including authors Mickey Spillane., CJ Henderson, John French, Gary Lovisi, Patrick Thomas, J. Brad Staal, Jean Marie Ward, Robert E. Waters, Duncan Ralston, Patrick Loveland, Jack Dolphin, Quintin Peterson and a poem by Audrey Parente

This collection of excellent entertainment is created by long-time film reviewer/screenwriter R. Allen Leider who began his career at CBS news as copy boy for The CBS Evening News with Walter Cronkite. In 1973. He became features writer for The Monster Times and went on to work at Show, Celebrity and Glitter magazines and other international publications. His photo journalistic work has been syndicated worldwide. In 1984, he created the original story and screenplay for The Oracle
(1985). He hosted his own radio show Cinemascene on WWFM for five years. He created the Wicca Girl novel series. He writes and edits the online Black Cat Review magazine, and compiles and edits the Hellfire Lounge anthology series and Awesome Tales pulp fiction magazine. He lives in Manhattan with wife Barbara, a professional photographer. Just sign on the dotted line and your dreams come true ... for seven years, then Hell is in session!

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